Alien Trilogy [Model SLUS-00007]

Sony PlayStation CD published 27 years ago by Acclaim Ent., Inc.

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Alien Trilogy © 1996 Acclaim Ent., Inc.

The bitch is well and truly back in this storming blockbuster from Acclaim. The graphics are a visual treat, staying faithful to HR Giger's production design.

Trilogy oozes atmosphere, and the sound effects are scarily real. There are over 30 levels to explore in this first person shoot-em-up action bonanza, each one populated with alien incarnations from all 3 films - from facehuggers and the dog alien in Alien 3, all the way up to the deadly Queen alien. The player is Ripley, thrown in at the deep end and armed with only a puny pistol to end the alien menace once and for all.


Game ID: SLUS-00007


Alien Trilogy for PlayStation was released on February 29, 1996 in USA.

Export releases:
[EU] "Alien Trilogy [Model SLES-00101]"
[JP] "Alien Trilogy [Model SLPS-00332]"


Probe Entertainment
Game Programmers: Greg Michael, David Shea
Alien Editor: Tony Monckton
Viewports: John Croudy
Game Designer: Matt Nagy

Acclaim Advanced Technology Group (ATG)
VP Engineering and Advanced Technology: Wes Trager
ATG Studio Services Director: Jeremy Schwartz
Motion Capture Studio Manager: Larry Kelley
Motion Capture: Andy Acquilino, Sharon Dougherty, John Farve, Cynthia Graham, Phil Grunfelder, Joe Gibbons, Chuck Mongelli, Richard Nelson, Danielle Popsidero, Michael Passuello, Nicole Scharff, Brian Windsor
Digital Production Group: Mark Chavez, Scott Douglas, Patrick Kenny, Annmarie Koenig, Mark Neumann, Patrick Runyon, Jason Yanofsky
Post Processing: Howard Schwartz (Senior Manager), Rob Huzer, Peter Klimek
ATG Director of Research and Development: Mark Schafer
Facial Animation: Don Hunt
Motion Capture Cast: Gregory Caccia, Larry Kelley, Bradley Martin, Daryl Meyer, Steve Rein, Brian Smyj, Jenny Way
Stunt Coordinator: Jeffrey Gibson
FMV Composition: Bob Scumaci
Head Scans: Tracy Lopez, Tyrone Miller, Michael Passuello
Technical Support: Harry Reimer, Howard Perlman, Robert Coffey
Lead 3D World Modeler: Charles Jackson
3D World Modelers: Errol Gale, Dave Kite

Game Creation Crew
Artists: Steve Middleton, Mark Frazer, Guy Mills, Ben McGrath, Lloyd Murphy, Kevin McMahon
Texture Mappers: Benedict O'Reilly, Vicky Cheale, Paul Collingwood
Gameplay and World Mappers: Andy Squirrell, Kevin Watts, Jon Gibson
Music: Stephen Root
In-Game Sound Effects: Dow McKeever
Voice: Carter Inskeep, Michael Margotta, Pat Weber Sones
Additional Sound Effects: Andrew Brock
QA Managers: Clifford Ramsey, Mike Weiner
QA Lead Tester: Tom Falzone

Product Development Licensing
Assistant Manager: Nina Skalka
Licensing Assistant: Erin Maloney
20th Century Fox Licensing: Tim Logan
Interactive Director: Fiona Milburn

Acclaim White Team
Team: Philip L. Alne, Seth W. Rosenfeld, Mark Thievanich, Linda Spelman
Analysts: Peter Wanat, Nathaniel Gunter, Shawn David Rosen
Producers: Clifford Falls, Peter Jones
Executive Producers: Joe Banar, Dan Feinstein


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