Alien [Model 11006]

Atari 2600 cart. published 39 years ago by Fox Video Games, Inc.

Alien [Model 11006] screenshot

Listed and emulated in MAME.

Alien © 1982 20th Century Fox

In this game based, loosely, on the movie of the same name, you have to move through a maze (the halls of your ship in the manual), ala Pac-Man, collecting dots (destroying alien eggs).

If you collect the power dot (pulsar), you can kill any of the three aliens, for a short time. There are only three enemies in the maze at a time, there is a bonus item at times and only one power dot (pulsar) at a time. When you grab the pulsar, it will next appear in one of two other spots.

After you clear one level, you get a bonus game. You have to move up the screen to the prize at the top past several aliens, reminiscent of Freeway. You do not lose a man if you fail but you only have eight seconds to do it then you are off the the next, harder level.

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Model 11006


A good playing strategy is to crush all of the Eggs in one area at a time, keeping within easy readh of a Pulsar. The best way to destroy Aliens is to sit near a Pulsar until the Aliens are almost upon you. Then grab that Pulsar and go get 'em !

Use the Hyperwarp Passage to ditch Aliens. Many times they won't follow you in.

If you're having trouble with the Bonus Rounds, try going between the Alien pairs rather than around them.


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