Alien Carnage

IBM PC/AT DOS 3.5in. disk. published 26 years ago by Apogee Soft.

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Alien Carnage © 1994 Apogee Soft.

Harry's the name... so action's the game!

If Duke Nukem has a twin separated at birth, you can bet it’s hot-action hero Halloween Harry! Don’t let the name fool 'ya. This dude's no pumpkin' head! In fact, the planet's in trouble, so Harry’s blastin’ double! Only you can help him save the earth from aliens intent on transforming humans into zombie slaves in order to conquer the universe. Called to Space Station Liberty, Harry stands tall and receives his orders. Join him on his high-risk mission to infiltrate the bizarre alien ship, now burrowed under a high-rise city!

There’s no shortage of action in this fast-paced, brilliantly animated firepower extravaganza! Grab megaweapons as you go, including the devastating Omega bomb, and build an arsenal that’ll have the aliens shakin’ in their slimy shoes!

Alien Carnage is a cinematic bonanza. You’ll swear you’re watching a movie, but the ear poppin’ sound effects let you know you’re in the thick of the action! So don’t tarry! Grab that jetpack and take off with Harry!

* 20 exciting levels!
* Fantastic cinematic sequences!
* Brilliant 256-color VGA graphics!
* Dynamite digitized music and digital sound effects!
* Mega-weapons arsenal!
* Radar mode to help locate hostages!
* Tons of secrets and bonuses!
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Released on November 02, 1994.

The 3rd level boss, a sentry droid, is labelled THX-1138 in reference to the George Lucas's first movie.

On May 24, 2007 Alien Carnage was released as freeware by 3D Realms with the permission of John Passfield. The game had previously been discontinued from their product line on April 21, 2000 due to it having problems running on Windows.
Written by: Robert Crane
Graphics by: Steven Stamatiadis
Music by: Steven Baker, George Stamatiadis
Map Design by: John Passfield, Steven Stamatiadis
VGA Routines by: Tony Ball
Music Interface by: Darren Baker
Cover Illustration: Robert G. Depew
Manual Design: Robert M. Atkins

Special Thanks to The Apogee Beta Testers.
Game's disc.