Bally Astrocade type-in published 41 years ago by Fabris, Robert

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Alien © 1982 Fabris, Robert.

The computer gives you 100 seconds of time to get a high score. The game stops at that time, or if you run out of bullets earlier. Hitting the Alien nets you 5 points, hitting the wall at the top of the screen yields 3 points. Once in a while, there is a 'bonus' period when hitting the Alien will increase your score by the bonus amount. When the screen buzzes, the Alien's spy satellite is whizzing by. A hit on it is worth 100 points, but it is very difficult. Use the joystick knob to move your gun laterally across the bottom of the screen, and the trigger to fire directly upward.


Published in Arcadian 4, no. 4 (Jan. 22, 1982): 40.


Programmer: Gary Green