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Alexander © 200? Casino Technology.

A 5-reel 21-line video slot based on an historical theme, following the deeds of Alexander, the conqueror of the ancient world.

The picturesque graphics are made in a classical cartoon style. On the two interactive levels of the second bonus screen there are raging fights of epic proportions and Alexander's victory over his opponents doubles up player's prizes.


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Bonus Campaign : The screen shows a map with Alexander's army marching through it. The troops move through 5 sections, as the player chooses the site of the battle by selecting a different section on the map. In the first four sections the Player wins one of the following prizes :
Flag -1 x Total Bet
Fortress - 2 x Total Bet
Shield - 3 x Total Bet
Sword - 3 x Total Bet
Spoils/ Cart/ Treasure - 5 x Total Bet
At the fifth section the Player gets a chance to go to the next bonus level, the Alexander bonus. The max win at this level is 24 x Total bet.

Bonus Alexander : A new bonus screen appears where the Player chooses Alexander's enemy and a battle starts. The end of the battle if Alexander is the winner all the bonus doubles prizes and the Player can choose another opponent. The bonus ends when all the enemies are beaten, or if a battle is lost and the Collect appears. The maximum possible win at this level is 418 x Total Bet.