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Aldynes [Model HC91044]

NEC Supergraphx HuCARD published 29 years ago by Hudson Soft.

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Aldynes © 1991 Hudson Soft [Hudson Group].

Aldynes is a side scrolling shooter developed by Produce and published by Hudson Soft, and one of the three shooters ever to be released for the SuperGrafx system. The game takes place in 2020 and starts on Earth, which is under severe attack by a race of seemingly unstoppable aliens. An artificial planet is approaching our home world, and swarms of enemy ships have now invaded our air space. The elite pilot Hiroko, on board her assault space fighter Ortega (codenamed 'Aldynes'), is sent to counter the impending Armageddon, and to fly deep inside the enemy planetoid to destroy it from within. The star fighter comes initially equipped with a standard Vulcan Gun that can be switched out for more powerful weaponry. Power-ups pods are available for the player to pick up and equip one of three different weapons - the 2 ways beams (white), the piercing lasers (blue) and the bubble-spread gun (green). Collecting the same weapon twice increases its power, and all weapons can be upgraded a total of five times. But the 'Aldynes' has another deadly weapon - un to four floating robot pods can be collected throughout the game and help the player in his mission. They can either stay close to the fighter and protect it against enemy attacks, or wander around the screen and shoot at anything within their firing range. Finally, a small frontal force field can be charged up at the front of the ship by holding the fire button. Aldynes consists or seven stages.


Game ID: HC91044


Aldynes was released on February 22, 1991 in Japan.

1991 - Consoles + HS N.2 [FR]: 93/100


Directed by: Kyon Kyon
Art Director: H. Harada
Programmer: B. Hanawa
Design: J. Kusaka
Decorator: T. Suzuki
Edited by: M. Sakai
Music by: K. Hoshi
Advisor: M. Ueyama
Publicist: M. Kadowaki
Trainer: H. Ohta
Production by: N. Kobayashi
Sound Director: T. Takimoto
Casting by: E. Aoyama

Created by PRODUCE!

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