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Akimbo - Kung-Fu Hero

IBM 5170 CD-ROM (Windows) published 19 years ago by Iridon Interactive

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Akimbo - Kung-Fu Hero © 2001 Iridon Interactive

On a sunny afternoon a small bottle had washed up on the shore. Curiosity aroused, Akimbo examined the tiny bottle and noticed that a piece of parchment lay rolled inside. Carefully he managed to remove the brittle paper. To whomever may find this message, "We, the shamans of Turtle Island, face one of our greatest crises ever. A zealous dragon by the name of Fang has used his powerful magic to enslave the inhabitants of our island. It is only we twenty shamans that have been spared, but our powers are limited and we have failed to lift the dragon's spell. Please, we beg the help of any who are able." Turtle Island. Akimbo's eyes turned westward to where the island lay. Though the letter did not reveal the specifics, Akimbo could imagine in what pain the shaman must have been. That decided it. Akimbo stood up, brushing the sand from his clothes. He could not ignore a call for help.

Key Features
* Akimbo can perform a variety of kung-fu moves including punches, sidekicks, back flips, and round house kicks.
* A ton of non-linear levels set in six different worlds, some of which are interconnected.
* Fight a slew of different enemies such as knights, ghosts, stone monsters, tarantulas, rhinos, seagulls, and crazy seashells.
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Executive Producer: Björn Larsson
Producer: Rafał Trznadel
Game Design, Level Design: Miroslaw Ryba, Wojciech Struski
Level Graphics: Adam Swiergul
3D Graphics, Animation: Rafal Niesluchowski, Dawid Tracz, Rafał Trznadel
Front End Design: Björn Larsson, Rafał Trznadel
Original Concept: Janusz Pelc, Marek Soból, Scott M. Steinberg
Game Programming: Miroslaw Ryba, Wojciech Struski
Engine Programming: Janusz Pelc, Marek Soból
Music: Carl Larsson
Sound Effects: Carl Larsson, Janusz Pelc
Story Writer: Melissa Ho
Packaging Design: Julie Dillon
Logo Design: Erland Körner
Manga Art: Larry Bundy Jr.
Manual: Carl Larsson, Pony Wang
Localization Coordinator: Björn Larsson
Website: Goran Blagus, Robert Lisjak

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