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Airmail is a 5-reel 15-line video slot. A brave pilot on a small plane delivers mail above the vast expanses of the tropical seas.

The luck is of great importance in this occupation. You can try your luck and attempt to double the win received. For this purpose you can play cards and try to guess which card of the four offered is senior to the card of the dealer. Or you can try to refuel the plane from one of the five fuel barrels.

Anyway the pilot has five attempts, and each of them can become his last one. But if the brave enjoy the luck, after the win is doubled five times one after another, the pilot also gets the certificate of Lucky Pilot and a substantial bonus to the credit.


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BONUS GAME : You can hardly land on the tiny islands, therefore the mail is thrown down on five parachutes. The cargo is checked by the local customs office and administration. In the box you can see standard mail the cost of which is defined by means of multiplying the value of the current rate by the coefficient ranging from 1 to 10.
In case the pilot throws a box with gold and diamonds he gets 5 - 19 free games.
Sometimes it happens like this : a strict customer doesn't allow certain cargo to go, but the consul that is standing nearby can once cancel this decision and the baggage check will go on.

THE SECOND BONUS : But the most interesting thing happens if the dip-mail turns out to be in the box. This way you will have to choose between two cases. The life of the diplomats is not as easy as you may think. You can get either a case stuck with money or that with a bomb. Then the bonus game is over, but the player gets everything that he has managed to win so far.

FREE GAME : The free games received are drawn right away after all the customs procedures are accomplished. Sure in this mode you cannot change the bet amounts and the number of the active lines you can risk and enjoy your luck, as well as the game itself!