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Airlock [Model DA1004]

Atari 2600 cart. published 37 years ago by Data Age, Inc.

Airlock [Model DA1004] screenshot

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Airlock © 1982 Data Age, Incorporated.

You're trapped! Your disabled nuclear submarine, resting periously on an undersea ledge, has begun taking on water. With time running out for you and your crew -- and with your on-board torpedos shaken loose by an eerie current from deep under the sea floor -- it's up to you alone whether you sink or swim!

The objective of AIRLOCK is to retrieve the hatch keys and make your way to the next level before your compartment floods. But at the same time you must avoid the torpedos that have been shaken loose and which, when they cross your path, rob you of precious time.

Game variations:
* Game No. 1 -- Single Player, 5 Airlock Levels.
* Game No. 2 -- Two Players, 5 Airlock Levels.
* Game No. 3 -- Single Player, 10 Airlock Levels.
* Game No. 4 -- Two Players, 10 Airlock Levels.
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Model DA1004


Here are some things that you need to remember:

1. The torpedos cannot enter the elevator shaft, so once you have retrieved your keys and the door opens, move at once into the elevator and you'll be out of danger's reach.

2. Try positioning your player so that he can jump a barrier and torpedo at the same time -- it can save you precious seconds, and the time you save at one level may help you out on the next.

3. In games 3 & 4, you have ten Airlock Levels to pass through. The first five levels, like those in games 1 & 2, have two barriers per level. But the second five levels in games 3 & 4 have four barriers per level. Not an easy task!

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