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In the wake of a nuclear holocaust an organization known as E.B.N.E.R.S. was established with the goal of encouraging all mankind to live together in peace. E.B.N.E.R.S. membership included many members of the nuclear scientific community who wished that their work no longer be used for destructive purposes. The E.B.N.E.R.S. suggested that society should be structured to eliminate all possibility of hostility. This structured society was deemed unrealistic in a free world and ridiculed. E.B.N.E.R.S. became known as a fringe organization of radical scientists trying to restructure society.

The government had planted spies within the E.B.N.E.R.S. organization in order to keep an eye of their activities. These spies have revealed that the E.B.N.E.R.S. have developed three new inventions: impenetrable force fields, a teleportation system, and aircars. Force fields surround every E.B.N.E.R.S. complex making them impenetrable from an outside attack. These complexes are linked together with a teleportation system which allows instantaneous travel between their complexes. An aircar is a vehicle that is propelled by a small nuclear power plant and massive fans. The fans lift the aircar above the ground and propel it forward at high speeds. Aircars are armed with a variety of weapons and are highly maneuverable. Our spies have obtained detailed schematics of the teleportation device and an aircar. We have been able to duplicate the teleportation device, but ours has a problem: we can only send you to the E.B.N.E.R.S. complex. Therefore, this is a one way mission. We have also been able to construct our own version of an aircar.

Our spies have also uncovered the E.B.N.E.R.S. diabolical plan to take over the world. The E.B.N.E.R.S. are currently building nuclear bombs. Once they have enough bombs the E.B.N.E.R.S. will teleport a bomb into every major capital and destroy it. They believe that after this is accomplished the world will submit to their rule. Therefore, we have decided to destroy the E.B.N.E.R.S. before they take over the world.

You will pilot an aircar which will be teleported into an E.B.N.E.R.S. complex. You will then proceed to destroy key installations within this complex. After these primary targets have been destroyed you will use the complex's teleportation system to get to the next base. We know there are at least 28 bases around the World. Each of these bases must be knocked out if the world is to be saved from the E.B.N.E.R.S. threat.

Your objective is to save the World by destroying the E.B.N.E.R.S.'s ability to fight. This is accomplished by completing 32 missions against enemy complexes. Each mission has several types of primary targets that must be destroyed. Once all of the primary targets have been destroyed you can use the E.B.N.E.R.S.'s teleportation system in order to advance to the next mission.


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Released in June 1997.

This was the first game to support up to 8 player networking on your Atari Jaguar (8 player networking requires a CatBox for each Jaguar).


* You can use a teleporter to get away from enemies.

* When you kill an enemy, its weapon or ammo will be left for several seconds.

* Mines only do a little damage, but they will stop anything that takes damage from them.

* When you are stealthy, your aircar does not show up on other player's radar screens.

* Smoke screens will cause the E.B.N.E.R.S. to delay shooting.

* As you enter a primary target area, go after the radar dishes first.

* Banked turning is faster than flat turning.

* Primary targets score four times their normal points.

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