Aidyn Chronicles - The First Mage [Model NUS-NAYE-USA]

Nintendo 64 cart. published 21 years ago by T-HQ, Inc.

Aidyn Chronicles - The First Mage [Model NUS-NAYE-USA] screenshot

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Aidyn Chronicles - The First Mage © 2000 THQ.

You'll need all your monster-hunting, spell-casting and adventuring skills to master Aidyn Chronicles: The First Mage.

Canadian codeshop H2O takes some liberties with the strict turn-based battles of conventional RPGs. Once a battle breaks out, you'll be able to move your character into a more strategic position. The battle system requires serious study.

Assembling and leveling up a party of four (out of 13 selectable characters) and journeying through the vast tracts of medieval settings is not a job for the patience-impaired, but for RPG devotees, Aidyn Chronicles delivers the mystical goods.


Cartridge ID: NUS-NAYE-USA


Released on March 01, 2000 in USA.

Known export releases:
[EU] "Aidyn Chronicles - The First Mage [Model NUS-NAYP-EUR]"


Project Directors: Christopher Bailey, David Dubord
Executive Producer: Michael Tam
Producer: Gabriel Jones
Lead Game Designer: G. Christopher Klug
Lead Programmer: Christopher Bailey
Lead Tools Programmer: Bryan Ewert
Lead Artist: Sarah Meagher
Story By: G. Christopher Klug
Head Writer: Angela Ferraiolo
Dialogue Director: Andrew Laing
Lead Tester: Jai Kristjan
Designers: David Dubord, Andrew Laing, Andrew Brechin, Richard Loomer
Programmers: Michael Anderson, Mike Hughes, Peter Thompson, Colin Fletcher, Christopher Ewington, Ian Byers
Art Direction: Christopher Bretz
Character Artists: Jeff King, Andy Gerhig, John Hayes, Kern Nembhard, Christopher Kniffen
Environment Artists: Sherridon Routley, Jakub Pokorny, Jon Scott McBain, Roland Longpre, Rayna Van Balkom, Lorie Clay, Kern Nembhard
Writing: David Dubord, Andrew Laing, Angela Ferraiolo, G. Christopher Klug, Mark Silcox
Assistant Dialogue Director: David Klann
Testers: Chris Rezanson, Jennifer Rivas, Amy Hearn, Sean Jones, Craig Jones, David Klann, Dan Feldman
Additional Contributions: Gord McDowell, Andrew Brown, Mark Jensen, Georgina Okerson, Ross Kakuschke, Tim Krause, Jonny Liu

Executive Producer: Scott Krager
Associate Producers: Curtis R. Cherrington, Andrew Brown
Senior Product Manager: Alison Quirion
Associate Product Manager: Chris Zilliotto
Publicity: Liz Pieri, Kathy Mendoza Bricaud
Directors of QA: Jeremy S. Barnes, Donn W. Nauert
Lead Testers: Sean C. Heffron, Erik van Rooy, Ryan Kull
Testers: Jay Cardellio, Razmig Pulurian, Julian Brummitt, Amin Razi, Brad Zybert, Rob Floyd, Byron Guerrero, Jason Pislaan, Cory Ledesma, Tim Grimaud, Cody Grimm, Joseph Macaulay, Nick Gardner, Mica Haney

Studio X
Sound & Music: Steven Sim, Rob Plotnikoff, Max Arnason
Special Thanks: Brian J. Farrell, Jeffrey Lapin, Michael Rubinelli, Leslie Brown, Peter Dille, Alison Locke, Tiffany Ternan, Nathan Rose, Kristen Mittermuller, Cosmina Chindaris, Jacki Keon, Cindy Tam, Allison Tam, Herman Ma, David Pridie (1971-2001)


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