Ai Chou Aniki [Model NSCD5018]

NEC PC-Engine CD disc published 25 years ago by NCS

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?-??? © 1995 NCS

(Ai Chou Aniki)

Ai Ch? Aniki is a horizontal shooter by Masaya and is the sequel of Ch? Aniki released for the PC Engine in 1992. Nonetheless, Idaten and Benten (the two winged heroes from the first game) despite being shortly mentioned in the introduction sequence, are nowhere to be seen. This time around, players take control of two bald and flying muscular men with huge holes at the top of their heads. The unlikely duo does look surprisingly familiar and anyone who has ever played the excellent prequel will have a sudden rush of déjà vu. After a closer inspection, we notice that the two muscular bodybuilders are nothing else than the flying options who used to fly by the sides of Idaten and Benten and protect them from harm. Are they here to avenge their original owners ? Players choose whether to play as Adon or his brother Samson. Curiously, the holes at the top of their heads allow them to shoot balls of energy. By default, they fire homing energy-balls and combo button combinations activate deadly special attacks in a way similar to traditional fighting games. Ai Ch? Aniki is now popular within the video game community for its odd storyline and suggestive bodybuilding theme.
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Game ID: NSCD5018


Ai Chou Aniki was released on February 24, 1995 for 9800 Yen.


Game's ROM.
Game's description by Laurent Kermel; http://www.videogameden.com