Agile Warrior F-111X [Model SLUS-00023]

Sony PlayStation CD published 28 years ago by Virgin Interactive Ent., Inc.

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Agile Warrior F-111X © 1995 Virgin Interactive Ent., Inc.

Strap into the most advanced multi-role fighter craft around and blast off into a world of sky-ripping, ground-shaking. adrenaline-pumping battles.

Eliminate anything and everything that poses a threat to our national security. No rules. No prisoners. Just you-against-them arcade combat action where only one can win.


* Take 'em out in explosive real-time, unlimited access. 3-0 textured battle environments.

* Fight in highly unpredictable missions in some of the world's most volatile hot spots featuring hundreds of surgical strikes, stealth missions and nuclear standoff with a multitude of state-of-the-art weapons.

* Use stealth technology. precision-guided munitions and tactical radar to destroy enemies on land, at sea and in the air.

* Simultaneous 2-player capability.


Game ID: SLUS-00023


Released on November 02, 1995 in USA.

Export releases:
[JP] "Agile Warrior [Model SLPS-00179]"


Director: John Botti
Lead Game Programmer: John Botti
Flight Dynamics: Jose Villeta
AI: Jose Villeta
Art Director: Alan Lasky
Senior Playstation Programmer: William Botti
Senior Digital Artist: Shannon Studstill
Digital Artist: Clay Dale
3D Modeler: Chip Pedersen
Tile Art: Christian Busic
Production Coordinator: Rita Mines
Map Layout: Christian Busic, Grady Hunt, Julian Rignall, Carl Botti
Tools: Interactive Technologies Corp., David Sosna
Additional Artists: Dave Webber, Jonathan Spencer Levy, Dave Debenedetto, Jeff Chen
Sprite Actors: William Botti, Dave Webber, Tommy Tallarico
Original Music Written & Produced by: Keith Arem, Mical Pedriana, Digital White Noise
In Game Sound FX: Tommy Tallarico Studios Inc., Joey Kuras, Keith Arem
Music Team Coordination: David Fries
Additional Music Tracks Provided by: A.P.M.
Black Ops Quality Assurance Team: Christian Busic, Jan Malone, Jason Clevering, David Villeta
Datasets provided by: Viewpoint DataLabs International
Wavefront Conversion Tools: Doug Whetter
Technical Support: John Sheen


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