Agent X II - The Mad Prof's Back [Model IS 0221]

Sinclair ZX Spectrum cass. published 34 years ago by Mastertronic

Agent X II - The Mad Prof's Back [Model IS 0221] screenshot

Listed and emulated in MAME.

Agent X II - The Mad Prof's Back © 1987 Mastertronic, Ltd.

The mad professor has returned, seeking revenge after you foiled his plan to capture the President. This time he is out to ruin the world economy. He has set up an underground base on the Moon. From this hideout he is planning to unleash his terrible Zit-Ray.

This hideous device causes everybody to break out in terrible terminal acne. The mad prof plans that, with spending so much money on spot remover cream - which, due to the terrible effects of the Zit-Ray, will not work anyway - the economy will be in ruins, as no-one will have any money left for essentials.

Only you, the super sleuth Agent X, can foil the potty professor's perfect plan. You must away to the moon, fight your way past wacky Waglots, enter the sinister secret sub-surface stronghold and surprise the scientist in a single stupendous showdown for supremacy. Destroy the dastardly device and free the faces from festering follicles.

The world relies on you!


Game ID: IS 0221


Program by: Steven Tatlock
Graphics by: John Tatlock
Music by: Tim Follin


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