Agent Armstrong [Model SLPM-01073]

Sony PlayStation game published 22 years ago by We Net

Agent Armstrong [Model SLPM-01073] screenshot

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Agent Armstrong © 1997 We Net


Game ID: SLPM-01073


Released on December 04, 1997 in Japan.


Lead Designer: Raffaele Cecco, Jolyon Myers
Lead Programmer: Raffaele Cecco
Vocals: Raffaele Cecco, Jolyon Myers
Lead Artist: Jolyon Myers
Animator: Jolyon Myers
Musician: Jolyon Myers
Sound Effects: Jolyon Myers
Designer: Mark Bentley, Stephane Koenig
Graphic Artist: Mark Bentley
Programmer: Paul Margrave
3D Meister: Paul Margrave
Kotj Producer: Stephane Koenig
Producer: Marcus Iremonger
Assistant Producer: Anthony Hinds
Product Manager: Matthew Walker
PR: Danielle Woodyatt, Doug Johns
QA Manager: Gary Foley
Lead Tester: Steven Frazer

Game's CD.