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After Dark Games

Microsoft Windows CD published 21 years ago by Sierra On-Line, Inc.

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After Dark Games © 1998 Sierra On-Line, Inc.

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Released on September 30, 1998 in the USA.


Executive Producers: Nick Rush, Martin Streicher
Producers: Jojo Doig, Kristin Kasper
Creative Director: Nick Rush
Technical Director: Brad Silen (MoltenMedia International Inc.)
System Architect: Jack Eastman (Eightfold Way Consultants)
Artists: Steve Ekstrom, Bob Ting
Special Thanks (Art): Kathy Valladares
Engineers: Jack Eastman, Keith Ermel, Charlie Fenton, Scott Garcia, Amandeep Jawa, Eric Johnson, Paul QuiƱones
Additional Thanks to (Engineering): Michael Hufnagel, Ando Moon, Craig Sterry
Composer & Sound Designer: Jane Scolieri (Olive Productions)
Additional Sound Effects: Brad Meyer
SQA Manager: Henry Frummer
SQA Lead: Greg Jenkins
SQA Staff: Bernie Lenoff, Tim Martin, Mari Thomas, Rich Young
Beta Tester Coordinator: Ed Mechen
Game Design Consultant: Phil Mikkelson
Product Marketing: Ellen Holbrook, Julie Turner, Pauline Wilhelm
Public Relations: Cassie Roduner

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