AeroFighters Assault [Model NUS-NERE-USA]

Nintendo 64 cart. published 25 years ago by Video System Co., Ltd.

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AeroFighters Assault © 1998 Video System Company, Limited.

Strap yourself into the cockpit and squeeze off heat-seeking missiles in this grittily realistic jet-fighter shooter.

Sinister forces have melted the Antarctic ice cap, flooding the earth's cities. No one knows where they came from or what they want. But when the mysterious invaders attack Tokyo, you're called to lead an elite international team of pilots into the incredibly wild blue yonder!

In single-player mode, AeroFighters Assault features eight primary and four bonus missions. The game features four aircraft, plus two bonus fighters. Your enemies come at you in jet fighters, helicopters, submarines and frigates, guaranteeing endless wing time as you blow away aliens bent on world conquest. There are giant bosses, too!

The action takes place over cities, oceans dotted with icebergs and parched desert. For pure flying fun, Multiplayer mode features a sky stage in which you run absolutely no risk of running into the ground. AeroFighters Assault supports full 360-degree action by allowing you to switch among multiple camera views at any time.

The product of an unprecedented partnership between arcade specialist Video System and the flight sim masters at Paradigm Entertainment, AeroFighters expands on the traditional shooter by adding plenty of authentic touches. The Paradigm team logged plenty of wing time crafting high-tech flight sims for military pilots before helping Shigeru Miyamoto and his NCL team develop Pilotwings 64. With experience like that, AeroFighters is a first-rate flight sim, complete with a stunning flight-physics model and dazzling acrobatic moves.

A savvy veteran of the arcade wars, Video Systems made sure to pack AeroFighters Assault with white-knuckle action, especially when you're dogfighting a buddy in two-player mode.

Redrawing the intricately detailed fighters at supersonic speeds would tax most game systems, but the powerful N64 never misses a beat. The Controller's analog Control Stick gives you pin-point control as you bank, roll and plunge into screaming dives after your high-powered enemies.


Cartridge ID: NUS-NERE-USA


Released on November 01, 1997 in North America.

The game was exported to Japan in 1998.

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