Adventures of Tom Sawyer [Model NES-YB-USA]

The Nintendo NES Cart. by Seta Co., Ltd.

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[CONSOLE] Nintendo NES Cart.

Adventures of Tom Sawyer © 1989 Seta Company, Limited.

The story from the USA Manual:
In a one room schoolhouse on the banks of the Mississippi River, a boy is daydreaming in class. This little adventurer is Tom Sawyer, the star of the game. Tom's weekend exploits with his friend Huckleberry are world-famous.

Even today as he naps, he's dreaming of a super adventure down the Mississippi river on his log raft. As he sleeps, he begins the adventure by running through an abandoned pirate ship. After defeating the pirates and octopus monster, Tom reaches the river. Every step of his journey is filled with danger. Evil ultimate enemies and their helpers try to prevent Tom from reaching his goal - saving Becky Thatcher. Can Tom defeat the greatest enemy Injun Joe and save Becky? Their Fate is in your hands!


Cartridge ID: NES-YB-USA


Adventures of Tom Sawyer was released in August 1989 in North America.

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