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Adventures of Lolo 2 [Model NES-A4-USA]

Nintendo NES cart. published 30 years ago by HAL America, Inc.

Adventures of Lolo 2 [Model NES-A4-USA] screenshot

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Adventures of Lolo 2 © 1990 HAL America, Inc.

* Our hero Lolo has charmed and enchanted puzzle-loving game players around the world with his unfailing courage and plucky persistence - and now he's off for his second quest!

* Join forces with Lolo and his faithful sidekick Lala for another journey full of puzzles and pitfalls.

* The whole crew is back - Snakey, Leeper, Medusa, Gol, Don Medusa, Rocky, and of course our favorite, Alma.

* Improved graphics, increased difficulty, and a few new tricks and techniques will keep you guessing through every fun-filled moment.

* A game for mental giants of all ages!
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Cartridge ID: NES-A4-USA


Adventures of Lolo 2 was released in March 1990 in North America.
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