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Adventure Plus

Atari 2600 cart. published 17 years ago by Unknown

Listed and emulated in MAME !

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Adventure Plus © 2003 Unknown.

This is a hack of Atari's popular classic Adventure game with plenty of changes to keep Adventure fans busy for hours! Here's what Steve Engelhardt changed in Adventure Plus:

Title Screen Added (Adventure+).
The Left and right border walls have been removed in the main corridor (underneath the original location of the yellow castle), allowing you to warp from one side to the other.
Game 1: Red Dragon added, one new (semi-hidden, accessible only with the bridge) room added to blue maze, many item locations changed.
Game 2: Many items are in new locations, including the Chalice. If you have trouble finding the Chalice, drop us a line and we'll give you a hint.
Dragons changed to look more like dragons and less like ducks.
Chalice, magnet, castle gates, sword, level select numbers, and bridge graphics all changed.
Castles made wider at the top, for no particular reason.
A Plus(+) sign was added in the castle gate graphic.
Barrier Obstacles added to the corridor rooms.
All-New Blue Maze
All-New Invisible Maze
All-New White Castle Maze
Revised (very slightly modified) Black Castle Maze
Yellow Castle changed to a dark orange color
Yellow Key changed to orange to match new yellow castle color
Blue Maze changed to a darker blue
Startup screen changed from purple to a tan color
Level select numbers changed to dark blue
Main Corridor colors changed to dark blue and dark purple from the previous shades of green.
Yellow Castle and Black Castle moved to different locations.
The two "top entry rooms" near the white castle were moved, and the original entrances to them were closed off.


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Hacked by: Steve Engelhardt

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