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Advanced Dungeons & Dragons [Model 3410]

Mattel Intellivision game published 38 years ago by Mattel Electronics

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons [Model 3410] screenshot

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Advanced Dungeons & Dragons © 1982 Mattel Electronics.

You control a 3-man expedition of adventurers.

Your object is to acquire the two halves of the ancient Crown of Kings, hidden deep within the caverns of the legendary Cloudy Mountain. To reach the treasure you must cross a hostile land. The obstacles are numerous. Your resources are courage, cunning and three arrows. The rest you must find and fight to obtain. If you survive the wasteland and the creatures of the caves, you will have traveled out of danger into even greater peril. For each half of the Crown of Kings is guarded by terror - the Winged Dragons keep their endless watch.
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Cartridge No. 3410

Move Expedition Up: [2]
Move Expedition Down: [8]
Move Expedition Left: [4]
Move Expedition Right: [6]
Move Expedition Diagonally: [1], [3], [7], [9]
Check Number of Arrows: [0]

Shoot Arrow Up: [2]
Shoot Arrow Down: [8]
Shoot Arrow Left: [4]
Shoot Arrow Right: [6]
Shoot Arrow Diagonally: [2], [3], [7], [9]
Run (in direction pressed on disc): Lower Action Keys
Pick Up Object: [CLEAR]
Count Arrows: [0]
Exit Mountain: [ENTER]
Walk: DISC


The working title was 'Adventure'.

Because of its complexity, this was the first cartridge to go over the 4K size limit; it was allocated a whopping 6K.


* Start with an Easy game, until you learn the characteristics of different monster types. Learn which sight and sound clues go with which monsters.

* Approach all the accessible black mountains, before entering any of them, to find out which tools are in which mountains.

* After entering your first cave system, look for arrows before taking on any of the really nasty monsters. 3 arrows do not last long against dragons and snakes.

* Move slowly in the caves and LISTEN. Many beasts can be heard as you approach.

* When you find a monster guarding a tool or exit, be prepared to RUN in retreat, until you reach a place where you can get off a clearshot or two.

* Practice bouncing arrows off cave walls, to learn how they ricochet. The ability to shoot around corners gives you a distinct advantage over the monsters.

* Learn to find and shoot monsters in the dark. Remember that arrows follow corridors and bounce off walls in the dark. Only by shooting dangerous monsters from a safe distance, can your warrior avoid being eaten, especially on the harder levels.


Programmer: Tom Loughry

Game's ROM.