Advanced Dungeons & Dragons - DragonStrike [Model NES-DS-USA]

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Advanced Dungeons & Dragons - DragonStrike © 1992 FCI

Wicked dragonarmies threaten the good people of Ansalon. There's only one defense... fight dragons with dragons! Command your winged warrior to fly off and challenge enemy beasts in a tooth-and-claw battle high above Krynn. It's awesome airborne fantasy action in the AD&D game tradition!

• Engage in exciting dragon-to-dragon combat.
• Control breathtaking on-screen airborne battles.
• Choose from three types of dragons: Bronze, Silver and Gold.
• Attack with potent breath weapons like paralyzing gas, lightning and fireballs.
• Fly at your choice of two altitudes.
• Play alone or against an opponent!


[Model NES-DS-USA]


AD&D DragonStrike was released in July 1992 in North America. The game was designed and developed by Westwood Associates.

Game's ROM.

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