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Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition - Masterpiece Collection

IBM 5170 CD-ROM (DOS) published 25 years ago by SSI

Listed and emulated in MAME !

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Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition - Masterpiece Collection © 1995 SSI [Strategic Simulations, Inc.].

Compilation featuring six games:

SHATTERED LANDS. Explore the most successful new fantasy world ever launched - the AD&D DARK SUN game world! Shattered Lands delivers cutting-edge technology, unrivaled game design and an intricate storyline. Choose from all-new races with higher levels and multiple classes. Spectacular full-screen graphics and cinematics mean you never leave the screen to go into another mode for combat, inventory or conversation. Superb music and sound effects enhance the fantasy experience!

WAKE OF THE RAVAGER. Return to the horror-filled wasteland of Athas, where the mighty Dragon of Ur Draxa and his powerful minion, the Lord Warrior, await your challenge! Wake of the Ravager employs spectacular full-screen graphics and cinematics throughout the adventure. The superbly orchestrated musical score and digitized sound effects complete the illusion. Action is continuous: combat conversation and exploration all take place in one screen mode - for a seamless suspenseful adventure!

STRAHD'S POSSESSION. Experience AD&D gothic horror role-playing at its very best! Unveil and destroy Strahd, one of the most nefarious of all gothic horror characters or you'll never escape the terror of the AD&D RAVENLOFT game world. High-resolution 256-color VGA graphics, an exceptionally large 3-D gaming window, 30 authentic RAVENLOFT creatures and a story-driven character generator will keep you busy for hours on end! Just be careful - things get pretty eerie when the sun sets!

STONE PROPHET. This adventure returns you to the AD&D RAVENLOFT game world for some intense dungeon exploration. New monsters lurk around every turn. New tactics make combat even more challenging, and the ability to fly adds incredible intensity to battles! And Stone Prophet gives you more puzzles than any other AD&D computer game! Add high-res VGA graphics, an eerie, digitized musical score and sound effects and you'll be wrapped up for hours and hours!

MENZOBERRANZAN. Welcome the the subterranean realm known as Underdark - and the fabled, malevolent city of Menzoberranzan. Prepare for a FORGOTTEN REALMS game world experience like never before! New monsters abound. New tactics and abilities make combat much more intense. Enjoy spectacular sights and sounds. High-res VGA delivers the graphic beauty of SVGA without an SVGA card. And state-of-the-art digitized voices and sounds enrich the sensory experience!

GENIE'S CURSE. A complex, pre-generated character grants you quick entrance to the wildly exotic new AD&D AL-QADIM game world, where high magic and dark deeds reign! Encounter genies, sinister sorcerers, wise hermits and many more mysterious beings - each with their own challenges. Choose from a vast number of magical items to solve challenging real-time puzzles. And savor a tightly woven storyline that's enhanced by grand cinematic musical themes - all in the style of the Arabian Nights!
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