Advance Guardian Heroes [Model AGB-BAGJ]

Nintendo GBA cart. published 19 years ago by SEGA Corp.

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Advance Guardian Heroes © 2004 Sega Enterprises, Limited.

The Guardian Heroes return!

Can you master the more than 160 fighting moves in Advance Guardian Heroes? The multiple modes of gameplay gives you plenty of chances to become a fighting master.

* Sequel to Sega Saturn cult classic Guardian Heroes
* More than 20 upgradeable fighters
* Up to four players
* Four difficulty levels

A side-scroller with RPG elements, Advance Guardian Heroes brings friends together for serious fighting action. You can hook four Game Boy Advances together through Game Boy Advance Game Link Cables and duke it out in Vs. Mode. As you battle your opponents, be mindful of environmental traps like cliffs and oceans.

Two players can also cooperate in Story Mode. Each player chooses a character, each with his own special abilities. Enn comes at opponents with a pocketful of fire. Ray packs the power of thunder, and Hyu cools enemies down with ice. You also come across characters from the original Guardian Heroes, released in 1996.

The Options menu lists all the attacks for each of the three main characters. Be sure to master the highly effective counterattack. Block an enemy's attack directly after he unleashes it. Your counter bounces the attack back at him. After you defeat an enemy, it will often leave behind a Soul Crystal. Use the crystals to either invest in skill research or to power-up your abilities. Each character is rated in such areas as vitality, mind, attack, defense, magic attack and magic defense.

When your character dies in Story Mode, you can choose to either start at the last checkpoint or sell your soul and enter Devil Mode. In Devil Mode, you continue the story as an invincible alter ego of your character. But all good things come to an end. When time runs out on your Devil Mode, you have to start the game over from your last save point when you were still relatively mortal.




Released on September 22, 2004 in Japan.

Export releases:
[US] "Advance Guardian Heroes [Model AGB-BGCE-USA]"
[EU] "Advance Guardian Heroes [Model AGB-BGCP]"


Endless Mode: Finish the game on Hard difficulty.

New Characters (Monsters and Allies): Finish Time Attack mode multiple times to unlock new characters or donate gems in story mode to the laboratory.

Time Attack Mode: Finish the game on Normal difficulty.

Unlock New Characters: Spend crystals between stages during the campaign or clear time attack. As data completion increases, new characters are unlocked.
Default - Enn
Default - Hyu
Default - Ray
#1 - Goblin
#2 - Dylan
#3 - Soldier
#4 - Cyclops
#5 - Goblin Tank
#6 - Sorcerer
#7 - Roper
#8 - Han
#9 - Heavy Gear
#10 - Gargoyle
#11 - Edo
#12 - Sky Knight
#13 - Valgar
#14 - Zur
#15 - Cerena
#16 - Nicole
#17 - Kanon

Alternate Title Screen: Beat the game on Super Hard difficulty.


Developed by: Treasure
Director: Tetsuhiko Kikuchi
Game Programmers: Masaki Ukyo, Hiroto Matsuura, Katsuhiro Sanjō
Characters Programmer: Masaki Ukyo
System Programmers: Yoshihiro Miura, Mitsuru Yaida (Yaiman), Yuki Mibu
Character & Action Designer: Tetsuhiko Kikuchi (Han)
Object Designers: Tetsuhiko Kikuchi (Han), Naoki Kitagawa (Naokiman)
Background Designers: Satoshi Tetsuka, Satoshi Nakai, Makoto Ogino
Music: Norio Hanzawa (NON)
Sound Effects: Satoshi Murata
Accountant: Haruko Hosaka
Special Thanks to: Tsunehisa Kanagae, Seijirō Sannabe, Kenta Ueno, Akira Nishikawa, Yoshihiro Sakuta
Executive Producer: Masato Maegawa

Cast: Hikaru Midorikawa (Enn/Ray/Hyu), Takeshi Kusao (Dylan), Mitsuaki Madono (Han), Yoshiko Kamei (Edo), Ikue Ōtani (Nicole), Tōru Ōkawa (Ginjirou), Yōko Sōmi (Gerena), Tamio Ōki (Kanon), Rokurō Naya (Valgar), Hiroyuki Yokoo (Zur), Akimitsu Takase (Skynight/Demon), Yasuyuki Kase (Soldier)

Produced by: Ubisoft
Producers: Michiko Fukai, Tats Myojo
Localization: Michiko Fukai
Licensing Manager: Arisa Furugen
Executive Producer: Dexter Chow
Code Management: Josh Ostrander, Tim Ernst
VP of Marketing: Tony Kee
Group Brand Manager: Karen E. Conroe
Brand Manager: John Coghlan
PR Manager: Carol Quito
Project Manager: Jasen Martinez
VP of Creative Services: Allen Adler
Senior Art Director: Lee Ann Weber
Package Design: Mari Sakai
Copywriter: Marc Fortier
Assistant Copywriter: Danielle Unis
QA Studio Manager: Roxana Florentina Magdo
Database Manager: Ciprian Calin Chete
Lead Tester: Marius Tudorel Potîrniche
Testers: Bogdan Oprescu, Dorel Ignat, Mihai Banica
QA Platform Specialists: Jonathan Moreau, Jean-Dominic Audet
QA Manager: Éric Tremblay
Very Special Thanks to: Brigham Stitt, Carlo Delallana, Charles Harribey, David Macachor, Frank Hom, Garrett Graham, James Regan, Jay Cohen, Laurent Detoc, Laurentiu Rusu, Rich Kubiszweski, Tony Silveira


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