adidas Power Soccer [Model SLES-00189]

Sony PlayStation CD published 27 years ago by Psygnosis, Ltd.

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adidas Power Soccer © 1996 Psygnosis, Ltd.


Game ID: SLES-00189


Released in June 1996 in Europe.

Export releases:
[US] "adidas Power Soccer [Model SCUS-94502]"

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Production Team
Producer: Dominique Biehler
Assistant Producer: Jean-Baptiste Bolcato

Programming Team
Senior Programmer: Alexis Leseigneur
Junior Programmer: Philippe Souchet
Additional Code and Technical Support: Jean-Michel Vourgère

Graphics Team
Main 3D Animator: Jean-Chrysostome Lepercque
3D Graphic Artist: Franck-Noël Lapierre
2D Graphic Artist: Franck-Noël Lapierre, Didier Virard
Additional 2D Graphics: Toka S.a.r.l., Jean-Baptiste Bolcato

Testing Team
French Office: David Lemaire, Nicolas Meylaender, Glenn & Kiki
UK Office Manager: Feargus Carroll
UK Office: Paul Evason, Gregory Brown, Mark O'Connor, Mark Inman, Paul Tweedle, Rob Wolfe, Alan Mower, Nevin Gaston, Stuart Allen, Jenny Newby, Thomas Rees, Jason Platt, Marvin James, Gary Nichols

Sound Team
Original Music by: Michel Winogradoff, David Thirion, Apollo 440
Music Arranged and Recorded by: Michel Winogradoff
Sound FX Recorded and Mastered by: Michel Winogradoff

Publishing Team
Product Manager: Lisa Wilson
Manual Editor: Damon Fairclough
Packaging, Logo and Manual Design: Moore & Price Design Group Inc.
Public Relations: Mark Day, Dana Oertall

For the Motion Capture System: Bertrand Legoff (Atcisystem), and his team
Motion Capture Soccer Players: F. C. Cerde de Dijan, Luneau Frédéric, Bied Sylvain, Warlop Frédéric
For lending their stadium: Mairie de Blanc-Mesnil, Mairie d'Aincourt
For their help: Canal+ Sport, L'Equipe, France Football, Jean-Louis Nathan
For their 3D soccer ball: BUF Campagnie
For their collaboration - Microtime Media: Mark Cadogan, Sophie Astin, Michael Torode
Special Thanks: David Dyett, Feargus Carroll, Mark Blewitt, Dawn Williams, Dawn Hickman, Jim Drewry, Craig Rechenmacher, Kim Rutledge, adidas AMERICA Licensing
And a very special thank you from all the French Team to: Denis Friedman
"Melt" written by: Neil Barnes, Paul Daley
"Melt" performed by: Leftfield
English Commentary: Brian Moore