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Adiboo & Paziral's Secret [Model SLES-04108]

Sony PlayStation game published 17 years ago by Vivendi Universal Games, Inc.

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Adiboo & Paziral's Secret © 2003 Vivendi Universal Games.


Game ID: SLES-04108


Released on October 24, 2003 in Europe.


Producer: Tonie Djelloul-Germonville
Executive Producer: Catherine Bonvalot
Technical Director: Gilles Grandjean
Art Directors: Arnaud Bouron, Jean-Christophe Charter
Artist: Grégoire Villermaux
Editorial manager: Florent Claudy
Lead Tester: Frédéric Vasseur, Frédéric Baudet
Testers: Mathieu Poggioli, Olivier Viret, Guenaelle Ramboz
Coktel direction: Ludovic Barra
Coktel editorial direction: Loick Tanguy
Coktel technical direction: Éric Huynh
Coktel graphic direction: Frédéric Chauvelot
Coktel Localisation Manager: Céline Ullas
Coktel QA Manager: Tiphaine Dubois

DEVELOPER NEKO Entertainment
Project manager: Laurent Lichnewsky
Technical Director: Frédéric Zimmer
Game Programmer: Edouard Poutot
Art Team Director: Sotheara Khem
Artists: Frantz Bourain, Florent Leibovici
Tests: Vadda Mey
Many thanks to: Sabine Lamy de la Chapelle

Coktel direction: Eric Lux
Coktel technical direction: Éric Huynh, Hervé Iniguez
Coktel graphic direction: Frédéric Chauvelot

Project direction: Catherine Bonvalot
Project technical direction: Brice Delvallee, Éric Huynh
Project artistic direction: Arnaud Bouron
Producers: Estelle Delmotte, Tonie Djelloul-Germonville, Elodie Larre
Game Design: Pascal Luban, Olivier Rochas
Level Design: Thomas Chabrier, Olivier Rochas
Lead programmer: Christophe Martinaud
Programmers: Alain Bequit, William Bouladoux, Arnaud Bui, Nicolas Crochet, Julien Darre, Olivier Gladin, Matus Kirchmayer, Manuel Masiello, Raphaël Mor, Guillaume Portier, Jerôme Samson, Guillaume Vidal
Lead graphist: Maurice Changy
2D graphists: Yann Ali, Christophe Charpentier, Jérôme Florencie, Christian Laly
3D graphists: Raphaël Bot-Gartner, Aline Brand, Yuann Bye-A-Jee
3D animators: Marie Deschamps, Julien Lemaire, Olivier Thiebaut
Sound effects: Adrien Hermans
Sound editing: Studio Big Wheels
Actors: Pierre-Alain De Guarrigues, Dolly Vanden
Derush and sound montage: Jean-Michel Cerruti, Harold Pichold
Music composed and performed by: Studio Knowledge Adventure

Coktel QA manager: Tiphaine Dubois
Coktel Adiboo and Paziral Secret Lead Tester: Frédéric Vasseur
Coktel Testers: Marc Ho, Mathieu Poggioli
VUIP Ireland QA Team: Padraig McCaul, Jesus Baquedano Ferrer, Veronique Faber, Johannes Scharlau, Daniel Bertram, Marta Boer, Esther Contell, Daniel Isasa, Giacomo Patella, Sandra Kraus, Claudia Burkhardt

Coktel localisation manager: Céline Ullas
VUIP Ireland localisation team: Gerry Carty, Siobhan Wallace, Eithne Hagan, Bobby Henderson, Annette Lee, Kerrie Barbour, Laura Casanellas Luri (Laura Casanellas), Annemarie Leonard

International product manager: Anne Zeizig
France product manager: Laurianne Barbier (Laura Barbier)
Germany product manager: Janette Kuhn
Spain product manager: Esther Fidalgo Gil (Ester Fidalgo Gil)
Italy product manager: Stefania Vanerio
United Kingdom product manager: Gerry Flatley

Legal support: Murielle Sitruk, Cécile Paty
Demos: David Mermer, Terra Montgomery (Terra Montgomerry)
Graphic Studio: David Brochard, Rachid Chebli, Benoit Joubert
System team: Stéphane Allegro, Christophe Berthuet, Gilles Caron, Cédric Dauvillier, Olivier Gladin, Gilles Grandjean, Olivier Ponsinet, Gilles Sebin
Many thanks to all our testers who worked so hard throughout the production process: Alexandre, Alexis, Anaelle, Egline, Emma, Jessy, Joan, Laura-Maï, Maxime, Nicolas, Raphaël, Stanislas, Théodore, Théophile, Zacchary