Actua Soccer 3 [Model SLES-01210]

Sony PlayStation CD published 25 years ago by Gremlin Interactive, Ltd.

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Actua Soccer 3 © 1998 Gremlin Interactive.

Actua Soccer 3 comes to PlayStation with a huge array of enhancements over its predecessors. If you've been dismayed by the quality of defending in this season's football, then Actua Soccer 3 will give you a solid back four to launch counter-attacks from. With significant improvements to the AI, the players now have a much greater awareness of what's going on around them, as well as improved positional sense which should make for free-flowing football... that's as long as they don't decide to play the offside trap.

The graphics are impressive too. With over 50 different player heads, 200 motion captures and 30 of the world's most famous stadia (including Wembley, Nou Camp, the Amsterdam ArenA and Old Trafford), Actua Soccer 3 is graphically one of the richest and deepest football games ever. In addition, there are over 450 teams from all over the world, and some special and custom teams.

For the free-kick specialists, you can perfect your technique on both set pieces and penalties without the tension of a real-match situation. The question is: come Saturday afternoon, will you be able to bend the ball around a four-man wall in your away strip?


Game ID: SLES-01210


Released on December 04, 1998 in Europe.


Producer: Anthony Casson
Lead Programmers: Philip Rankin, Lee Hickey, Chris Bayliss
Lead Artist: Michael Hirst
Programmers: Alex Ferrier (Ferret), Jonathan Watson, Michael J. Lister, John White, Kevin Dudley, Jacob Habgood
Designers: Steve Warburton, Paul Clayton, Andy Vernall
Player Research: Chris Challacombe, Richard Stevenson, Mark Freeman
Motion Capture: Mick Sheehan, Andrew Lee, Rob Millington, Tony Wills
Motion Capture Actors: Alan Shearer (Newcastle United & England), Simon Tracey (Sheffield United), David Holdsworth (Sheffield United), Andrew Lee
Commentators: Barry Davies (Bazza), Martin O'Neil
Test Supervision: Julia Sturman, Steve Lycett
Lead Tester: Lee Campbell
Testers: Andrew Home, Ian Sanderson, Eric Booker, Lee Barrow, Ally Brownsword, Andrew Wilson, Gavin Davenport, Wayne Mellors, Asad Habib
Manual: Martin Calpin, Richard Cartwright, Chantal Beaumont
Packaging: Martin Calpin, Richard Cartwright, Chantal Beaumont
Localization: Sarah Bennett
Software Manager: Tim Heaton
Creative Manager: Patrick Phelan
QA Manager: Carl Cavers
Intro Sequence: Alan Coltman, B/W video images licensed by British Pathe, Paul Gost (B/W video images coordination), Colour video images licensed by CSI, Matthew Lynch (Colour video images coordination)
Intro Sequence Music: Cavalleria Rusticana @ Ascherberg Hopwood and Crew, Recorded by Naxos, Remastered by Atmosphere Music Ltd.
"Let Me Entertain You": Taken from the album, (C) Chrysalis Records Ltd., Published by EMI Music Publishing/BMG Music Publishing, (P) 1997 Chrysalis Records Limited
Special Thanks: Simon Short, Richard Barclay, Michelle Kelso, Sheffield United Football Club, Aten Skinner, Chris Sweetman, Lyn Spencer, Martin Brammer, Gareth Taylor, Mark Beard, Jim Tebbut, Mark Lord, Empics Ltd.