Actua Soccer 2 [Model SLES-00021]

Sony PlayStation CD published 26 years ago by Gremlin Interactive, Ltd.

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Actua Soccer 2 © 1997 Gremlin Interactive.


Game ID: SLES-00021


Brought to you by True Football Fans...

Producer: Tony Casson
Associate Producer: Bill Newsham
Lead Programmers: Philip Rankin, Jonathan Ackerley
Lead Artist: Michael Hirst
Programmers: Dave Sowerby, Lee Hickey, Mick Lester, Chris Challacombe, Kevin Dudley, Alex Ferrier, Jacob Habgood
Artists: Oliver Murray, Les Spink, Kevin Crossley
Additional Programming: John Carlyle, Ali Davidson, Steve Camber, Ben Wilson, Mark Lord
Player Research: Richard Stevenson
Motion Captive: Mick Sheehan, Andrew Lee, Rob Millington, Tony Wills
Motion Caption Actors: Alan Shearer, Michael Owen, Simon Tracey, Andrew Lee
Commentators: Barry Davies, Trevor Brooking
Music, Sound FX & Sample Editing: Kev Saville, Colin Anderson, Fiona Robertson, Sean Taylor, Stuart Ross
Test Supervisor: Jon Watson
Lead Tester: Lee Campbell
Testers: Ian Whitaker, Ian Sanderson, Andrew Horne, Eric Booker, Steve Woodward. Julia Sturman, Matt Tuckett, Travis Ryan, Mark Freeman
Manual & Packaging: Martin Calpin, Richard Cartwright
Software Manager: Tim Heaton
Creative Manager: Pat Phelan
QA Manager: Carl Cavers
Marketing & PR: Michelle Kelso, Martin Bramall, George Georgiou, Steve McKevitt, Mark Mattocks
Localisation: Sarah Bennett
Actua Sports Intro Sequence: Ricki Martin, Alan Coltman
Thanks to: Gareth Taylor
Lastly, special thanks to The Super Furry Animals playing it cool in Wales. Live from Bermuda. Pinegrove Sports Centre. Hillsborough Leisure Centre. All our family and friends.