ACME Animation Factory [Model SNS-ACME-USA]

Nintendo Super NES cart. published 29 years ago by SUNSOFT

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ACME Animation Factory [Model SNS-ACME-USA] screenshot

ACME Animation Factory © 1994 SUNSOFT [Sun Corp. of America].

Description from the back cover:

Get set to draw gard'ner -- and design, paint and animate too! Acme Animation Factor is more than a video game. It actually lets you create your own cartoon adventures starring your favorite Looney Tunes friends!

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Package ID: SNS-P-ACME
Barcode: 020763110426

The game is compatible with the SNES mouse.


ACME Animation Factory was released in November 1994 in USA. It was later released in Europe as "ACME Animation Factory [Model SNSP-ACMP-EUR]".


* Hidden Sound Effects: In the title screen, click on letter L, O, O, N, E, and Y (located above the picture of Looney Tunes characters), and T, U, N, and E (located below the picture of Looney Tunes characters) to play various sound effects. Note that for the letter O, you must click near the center of the letter.

* View credits: At the main screen, click the letter S (in TUNES).


Developed by: Probe Software

Programming: Grant Harrison
Animator: Dimitri Bakalov
Graphics: Mark Fraser
Music: Nick Stroud, Steve Collett
Producer: Greg Michael
Additional Graphics: Anna Knight
Testing: Vicky Cheale, Tim Bradstock
Compression: Rob Northen, Grant Harrison
Design: Greg Michael, Mark Fraser, Grant Harrison
Special Thanks to: Debbie Sahl, Mandy Cox, James Corring

Published by: Sunsoft

Executive Producer: David Siller
Producer: Steve Gehrke
Co Producer: René Boutin
Technical Manager: Al Artus
Chairman: Masami Maeda
Vice Chairman: Tad Shimamoto
Director: Kiharu Yoshida (Sunsoft Japan)
International Development Coordinator: Kenji Yoshioka
Marketing Director: Karen Shadley
Manager, Debugging: Sam Patel
Game Testing: Steve Rizor, Mario Zavala, Justin Siller, Dan MacArthur
Game Play Manual: Alison Quirion
Executive Assistant: Nanette Hyssong
Customer Service: Kazuko Harman, June Eckert, Julie Williams, Jamie Jorgenson, Erin Berry, Connie Perez, Jaupale Laster
Special Thanks to: Bruce Reilly, Cathy Juby, Mark Luszcz, Toko Okano, Kazuaki Gotō, Masato Kawai, Darin Horgan, J. D. Davis, Karen Lillie, Akito Takeuchi, Sherry Ross, Michelle Carlton
Very Special Thanks to: Luana Chambers, Holly J. Stein


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