Acey Deucey

BASIC soft. type-in published 49 years ago by DEC

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Acey Deucey © 1973 DEC [Digital Equipment Corp.]

Acey Deucey (as named on the ingame title screen) is a gambling game in which each round the player is shown two stock playing cards. The player can bet on whether a third card lies in between the two cards (value wise). Depending on the odds more or less money can be won. The computer can be invited to play as well and up to four different betting strategies can be chosen for him (random, conservative, liberal and optimal).


Published in July 1973 as a type-in program in the 101 BASIC Computer Games book.


Written by: Bill Palmby


* Computers:
TRS-80 (1978)
Commodore PET (1980)


Game's Code.