Ace of Aces [Model CX7846]

Atari 7800 cart. published 36 years ago by Accolade, Inc.

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Ace of Aces © 1987 Accolade, Incorporated.

Trump That Ace!

It's World War II and Britain's Royal Air Force is up to its neck in Axis attacks. As one of the RAF's most aggressive pilots, you're in on flying the most crucial missions to stall the enemy.

They attack by land, air, and sea. Your only allies are your DeHavilland Mosquito, your weapons, and your wits. Chase the Nazi bombers, sink the U-boats before they can dive, outrun the V-1 buzz bombs, and stop the POW trains from reaching the enemy lines.

Choose your ammunition and fuel wisely -- once you're on a mission, there's no turning back. To be an Ace, you need four enemy defeats. To be Ace of Aces, you've got to be the best!

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[Model CX7846]


Rocket hits earn twice the points of cannon hits.

Destroying the Enemy:
Fighter (rocket): 1000 points
Fighter (cannon): 500 points
V-1 (rocket): 300 points
V-1 (cannon): 150 points
Bomber (rocket): 200 points
Bomber (cannon): 100 points
Train Car: 200 points
U-Boat: 250 points
POW Car: -200 points

Completing a Mission:
Safe Return: 2000 points
Bomb Intact: 50 points
Rocket Intact: 50 points
Cannon Shell Intact: 10 points
Fuel Tank Intact: 10 points


* Check the intercom often for trouble spots. Your chances of survival are greater if you can contain the damage early on.

* You'll need extra speed in order to climb when you have a full load of weapons and fuel.

* Speed increases as you drop bombs and fuel tanks.

* U-Boats: The U-boats are preparing to attack Allied shipping in the North Atlantic. Stop them before they launch. Once you open your bomb bay doors, the U-Boats will pick you up on instruments and begin diving. Once underwater, they will not resurface for the duration of your mission. You're in maximum attack position at 1,000 feet at 100 mph.

* Trains: You must stop the POW train en route to Berlin. Aim only at cars marked with the Iron Cross. Cars marked with the Red Cross carry captured Allied troops and will cost you points if destroyed. You get only one crack at the train so be precise about altitude and speed. Your best attack position is 1,000 feet at 100 mph.

* Dog Fights: Enemy fighters attack randomly without warning. When an enemy aircraft turns up on your radar, your Mosquito position freezes on the navigational map. You must down the enemy before he gets you. And make it quick -- you're burning up fuel.
Enemy aircraft attack in greater numbers once you have destroyed their trains and U-Boats.
V-1s are slower than fighters. If they're too close to you when they explode, their shrapnel may damage your Mosquito.


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