Ace of Aces

Sinclair ZX Spectrum cass. published 35 years ago by US Gold

Ace of Aces screenshot

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Ace of Aces © 1986 US Gold.

A Unique Opportunity to Experience the Magic of Flight and Exhiliration of Aerial Combat.

"No British aircraft will ever bomb Berlin", Luftwaffe cheif Herman Goering had often boasted. But in the middle of a Nazi anniversary speech in January, 1943, his listeners duck for cover as a carefully timed raid of RAF Mosquitos strikes Berlin in broad daylight.

Ace of Aces captures the spirit and puts you in the cockpit of the Mosquito, maverick RAF fighter bomber of World War II. Down the Nazi bombers, sink the U-boats, outrun the V-1 rockets and stop the enemy trains. Choose your weapons and fuel wisely - once you're out on mission, there's no going back. To become Ace of Aces, you must complete all missions successfully.

1 From the moment you zoom through the clouds in a scrap with Nazi fighters to the heart-stopping second you spot the U-boats of Kiel, the defence of the Allied world is in your hands. Are you equal to the challenge?

2 Once you master a few flying tricks in your speed bomber, you tackle strategy: selecting the right number of machine guns, rockets and bombs to achieve your mission.

3 Your intercom flashes 'warning' on your starboard engine. An enemy fighter attack has left your Rolls Royce engine in flames. Cut back your boost and throttle. Hit the extinguisher before the fire spreads. What does it take to be an Ace? From you, legendary British price and guts.


Bomber: 100
V-1: 150
U-Boat: 250
Train Cars: +200
POW Cars: -200
Engine: 500
Rocket Kills: Double Cannon Kill
Safe Return: 2000
Extra Bombs: 50
rockets: 30
fuel: 10
cannon: 10


Check map frequently. Watch icon movement. Get familiar with their repective speeds. Your challenge is to intercept the Train, Bombers and V-1 rockets before they reach their destinations and to destroy the U-Boat pen before the enemy subs set out to attack Allied convoys in the North Atlantic. Note: The fastest route is always a straight line from takeoff to target. The black marker line on the Pilot's compass indicates the correct heading and therefore the fastest route. Keep that marker centred on your compass and follow your progress on the navigator's map.

Don't double click when firing, you may accidentally change screens. With a full load of bombs you may need extra speed in order to climb.
Your airplane will speed up as you drop bombs and fuel tanks. The extra weight drag is removed. Keep this in mind when bombing U-boats and Trains.


Developed by Paragon Programming

Concept of design: Michael Bate, Rick Banks
Programming design: Stuart Easterbrook
Graphics: Scott Fiander, Grant Campbell
Sound: Paul Butler


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