Accele Brid [Model SHVC-AY-JPN]

Nintendo Super Famicom cart. published 30 years ago by Tomy

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Accele Brid [Model SHVC-AY-JPN] screenshot

アクセル ブリッド © 1993 Tomy
(Accele Brid)

Players progress through the game as a robot racing through a pipe, shooting everything that moves. The robot can shoot from both arms, jump, kick and punch. There are also power-ups and bonuses that can be collected to upgrade the robot's weapons and armor.

There are three different types of robots to choose from: Silver Mare, Beliws, and Nitika. Weapons are chosen before each stage. Three difficulty levels can be chosen; ranging from easy, medium, and hard.

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Accele Brid was released on November 26, 1993 in Japan. It was never published outside Japan.

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Exective Producer: Tokio Tomita
Producer: Masayuki Umasaki

Sound M'S
Sound Compositer: Haruhiko Kuroiwa

Adventure Planning Service
Costume Designer: Rika Takahashi
Manual Writing: Tamiki Tominaga, Masahiro Hasegawa
Graphic Designer: Chiyomi Nozaki, Rika Takahashi
Design Direction: Kondou, Koushi
Mechanic Designer: Tatsumi Minegishi
Character Designer: Motofumi Kobayashi (Genbun Kobayashi)
Planner: Manami Kuroda (Caros K)
Programmer: Bomber Kim, Ukiki, Thomas Bros., Scott. O (Scott O)
Visual Designer: Fujimotchan, Iwasaki
CG Designer: Sexy Dynamite Kimaru
Reception Committee: Pierre Sato


Game's ROM.