Aaahh!!! Real Monsters [Model SNS-ANNE-USA]

Nintendo Super NES cart. published 28 years ago by Viacom New Media

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Aaahh!!! Real Monsters © 1995 Viacom International, Incorporated.

Description from the back cover:

Greetings, terror-trainees!

Ickis, Krumm, and Oblina will have to prove themselves on the Monster midterm exams if they want to call themselves real monsters! They must work together as a team to receive a single gruesome grade on their frightful performance. So...go out and petrify someone!!

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Cartridge ID: SNS-ANNE-USA


Aaahh Real Monsters for SNES was released in November 1995 in North America. It was originally release on the Sega Genesis as "Aaahh!!! Real Monsters [Model T-139066]".

The game was developed by Realtime Associates. It based on the American cartoon series of the same name on Nickelodeon.

Ickis, one of this game's protagonists, is also a playable character in Nicktoons Racing.

[DE] Total! (Feb. 1996): 3/6
[US] GamePro (Feb. 1996): 2/5

Later released in Europe on SNES as "Aaahh!!! Real Monsters [Model SNSP-ANNP-EUR]".


Sound test: Press any direction on the D-pad, followed by A, B, X, or Y at the Nickelodeon screen. The sound that is played will vary, depending on which D-pad direction and button were pressed.

Level select: Go to the trash heap during the second part of level 1. Press L, L + R, R(2), Up, Down, L + R, Select, Start. The sound of a scream will confirm correct code entry.

Make Grumble blink: Press L or R on the screen that appears before the start of a level.

Make Grumble open his eyes wide: Hold R + Down when Grumble appears before a level begins or at the options screen. After releasing the buttons, Grumble will appear to be angry.


Additional Art: Jean Bergesen
Animator: Shelly Futch, Martine Gaudissart, Perry Kiefer, Barbra Lipton, Sean Platter, Laura Smith
Assistant Programmer: Edwin Higa
Associate Producer: Jackson Young
Background Art: Jeff Cook, Doran Fish
Executive Producer: Chad Bunch, Kenny Miller, David Warhol
Lead Programmer: Andy Hsiung
Manager/Development Support: Scott Lawrence
Managing Producer/Nickelodeon Intreractive: Donna Friedman
Map Layout and Design: Kevin Chan
Marketing Coordinator: Amy McPoland
Marketing Director: Rebecca Randall
Music and SFX: Greg Turner
Producer: Jennifer Sward
Publishing Producer: Matt Welton


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