A.S.P. - Air Strike Patrol [Model SNS-4A-USA]

The Nintendo Super NES Game by Seta USA, Inc. (EXPORT VERSION)

A.S.P. - Air Strike Patrol [Model SNS-4A-USA] screenshot

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[CONSOLE] Nintendo Super NES Game

A.S.P. - Air Strike Patrol © 1994 Seta USA, Incorporated.

North American release. For more information about the game itself, see the original Japanese release entry; "Desert Fighter - Suna no Arashi Sakusen [Model SHVC-OS]".

Description from the USA back cover:
Zarak has invaded Sweit! You, as Air Force commander, MUST marshall all your resources and defeat them. Using hi-tech intelligence, locate your targets, load your plane, and destroy... chemical weapon plants, radar sites, enemy vehicles, and more. So strap yourself into a cockpit and fly into the challenge of a lifetime.


Cartridge: SNS-4A-USA


Air Strike Patrol was released in January 1995 (even if the title screen says 1994) in North America by Seta USA.

Game's ROM.

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