911 TS

A 33-year-old Sinclair ZX Spectrum Cass. by Elite Systems

911 TS screenshot

Not emulated yet.


911 TS © 1985 Elite Systems, Ltd.

The course is there, waiting, all set to devour you at the slightest mistake. Eight fierce sections, each with it's own challenges. Skilful driving and thoughtful use of extra equipment is the key to the game. You will choose Dunlop tyres of course, but which ones? SP82 Rally Tyre for dusty conditions? Perhaps Dunlop formula for all round rally performance? The choice is yours and it could cost you your life. At the least it will cost you money. Life would be simple if finances were bottomless but alas no. You only have two thousand pounds to spend on your vehicle. Not only that but you are responsible for collecting the equipment yourself. So as you may gather, the task ahead is to say the least, a bit tough!


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Game's ROM.