59 Fun

Texas Instruments TI-57 soft. published 45 years ago by Texas Instruments

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59 Fun © 1978 Texas Instruments.

A compilation of programs submitted to PPX-59, the Professional Program Exchange for the TI-59 programmable calculator. It includes the following games, some of which were not available earlier:
* Baseball (previously released for the SR-52)
* Parachute (previously released for the SR-52)
* Tic-Tac-Toe - Play the classic pen and paper game against the calculator.
* Poem Machine (not a game) - Gramatically correct but randomly constructed verses are printed.
* Space War - The player must try to destroy an enemy base, but two missiles controlled by the calculator must be avoided. (adapted from a SR-52 program)
* Hexpawn - Tactical game on a 3x3 chessboard with both the player and calculator controlling three pawns which follow normal Chess rules. Uses cybernetic AI that learns the optimal strategy after some games.
* Skydiving - Enhanced version of Parachute


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Tic-Tac-Toe: Joe Claborn
Poem Machine: William G. Bryson
Space War: Stephen Saltsman
Hexpawn: B. R. Kelso
Skydiving: Maurice E. T. Swinnen