4th & Inches

Commodore Amiga 500 disk. published 32 years ago by Accolade, Inc.

Listed and emulated in MAME !

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4th & Inches © 1988 Accolade, Incorporated.

Welcome of pro football the way it's really played. Eleven on eleven, full offence against full defense. You're the coach; you call the plays. And you're the player: quarterback, running back, receiver, middle linebacker, defensive back. This is good, hard, straight football action. So loosen up. It's time to boot up for the big game.


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* HINTS, TIPS AND STRATEGY (From the official manual):
- If a game ends in a tie, you can play an unlimited number of sudden death overtime quarters.
- From time to time, the Coach's Screen appears automatically to show the results of a play just run.
- Receivers are human, so of course they occasionally won't execute their pass routes to perfection. Remember, when going down the middle, these guys are sometimes intimidated by defensive backs.
- In general, longer passes have a lower percentage of success than short ones.
- If you select a pass play, you don't have to pass - just don't press the fire button and you can run. However, it doesn't work the other way around; call a run and you have to run because the fire button won't work. No audibles at the line of scrimmage on a run.
- Once the play starts, the quarterback cannot run up, down or out of the display field area until he first crosses the line of scrimmage.


Game's ROM.