4 Minute Warning

Sinclair ZX Spectrum cass. published 39 years ago by Magination Soft.

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4 Minute Warning screenshot

4 Minute Warning © 1984 Magination Software.

The world we live in is precariously balanced on the brink of nuclear destruction.

In Britain we have the comforting knowledge that we will have four minutes warning of the impending holocaust. The game simulates the warning period and it is your task to guide the hapless human to safety.

The shelter is at the lower part of the screen, and entry is only possible by dropping the key at the extreme left of it. The bombproof door will then open. Once inside the shelter the door may be shut, but beware, once closed it cannot be opened until after the blast. This is an unique safety feature.

The outside rooms may be changed from inside the shelter, you can choose from downstairs and upstairs. Gather as many useful things as you can in the time. There is a clock to the right of the shelter which displays seconds elapsed from 0 to 240.

Remember, you will need lots of food and water to survive in the shelter as well as some form of communication with the outer world. Don’t forget to drop the objects when you get them inside the shelter - they are useless otherwise.


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