4 in 1 [Model C022137]

Unreleased Atari 2600 cart. published 36 years ago by Atari Corp.

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4 in 1 © 1987 Atari Corporation.

4 in 1 card featuring Canyon Bomber, Home Run, Night Driver and Sky Diver.


Model C022137


Unreleased prototype.

After the successful re-launch of the 2600 in 1987, Atari needed something to bring gamers back to the aging system. Unfortunately Atari only had a few new (a.k.a. previously unreleased) games ready to go, so they had to pad their lineup with some older games. In the US Atari accomplished this by re-releasing some 'Classic' titles in black & white boxes at budget prices. However in Europe consumers were a bit more stingy with their money, so a whole new marketing strategy had to be created. Atari simply took four older 2K games and put them into one 8K cartridge. The idea behind this was that European games would be more receptive to a budget compilation rather than to buying four older games (even at discounted prices). Games are selected by turning the 2600 off and on (a different game comes up each time).


Game's ROM.