3D Lemmings [Model SCES-00009]

Sony PlayStation CD published 28 years ago by Psygnosis, Ltd.

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3D Lemmings © 1995 Psygnosis, Ltd.

Everyone's favourite suicidal rodents are back for more puzzle-solving punishment over a massive 80 three-dimensional levels.

Once again, the lemmings have to be guided across a variety of hazards and their special skills have to be called into play. Doing it in 3-D adds, well, a whole new dimension to gameplay. There are diggers, builders, bashers, floaters and all the old favourites to help you out of sticky situations.

PlayStation allows Lemmings to reach new heights - the game is incredibly easy to get into, but not so easy to get out of... If you're looking for an alternative to fast cars, big guns and aliens, and feel like putting in some thought and patience, 3D Lemmings is the game for you.

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Game ID: SCES-00009


Released on November 01, 1995 in Europe.

Export releases:
[JP] "3D Lemmings [Model SIPS-60002]" (1996)
[US] "3D Lemmings [Model SCUS-94601]" (1997)

Goodies for 3D Lemmings [Model SCES-00009]
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Playstation Version Programmers: Robert Rawson, Andrew M. Brechin
2D Graphics: Neil Casini
3D Modelling: Rob Matthews
Animation: Neil Casini, Rob Matthews
Original Lemming Models: Peter Grayley
Support Programs: Andrew M. Brechin
PC Version Programmers: Martin Hall, James Thomas
Level Design: Andrew M. Brechin, Martin Hall, James Thomas, Neil Casini
Music, Speech and Sound Effects: PC Music
Producer: Greg Duddle
Music Manager: Philip Morris
Product Manager: David Dyett
Third Party Liaison: Kirsty Beamish, lan Grieve
Public Relations: Mark Blewitt
Play Testing: Clockwork Games, Paul Stone, Simon Bagshaw, Matt Geeson, Sam Geeson, Andrew Green, Gary Nichols, David Parkinson, Mick Malysz
Special Thanks to: Bill Allen, Gavin Dodd, Craig Duddle, G. P. Everett, Harry Holmwood, Jan Puttnam, Jason Scott, Paul Tebbutt, Leon Walters
Extra Special Thanks: Greg Duddle
Packaging and Manual Text: Damon Fairclough
Manual and Packaging Design: Keith Hopwood, Peter Dyke, Anthony Roberts, David Pether, The Designers Republic
Manual Illustrations: Neil Casini
Clockwork Games Are: Andrew M. Brechin, Neil Casini, Martin Hall, Rob Matthews, Robert Rawson, James Thomas