3D BLitz

Arcade Video game published 20 years ago by 3001 AD

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3D BLitz © 2003 3001 AD.

3D Blitz is a cockpit shooting game. You are a WWII anti-aircraft gunner protecting a small island from the attacks of enemy bomber planes and war ships. Blow the planes out of the sky before they drop bombs on your gunner's station.

When game is idle, an attract loop of the game playing itself runs. When credits are added, the credit total increases until the match of the preset configuration. The game is started by squeezing the triggers. The first level features aircraft flying overhead that you must shoot down or they will drop bombs on you reducing your armor rating.

Blimps fly by that if shot down will drop boxes of cargo containing armor and ammo. The higher levels feature different day/night environments as well as larger squadrons of aircraft and even battleships. Scores are rated in a typical arcade fashion with the bonus points tabulating before continuing to the next mission.

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The chair platform sits on a swivel base that rotates a full 360 degrees. A slip ring in the base passes electricity to the on board computer and display system. The base is made from heavy diamond plate metal. The chair and display are counter balanced and the center of gravity of the chair is directly under the center of gravity of the seated player for maximum stability. The controls are a hinged spring loaded unit that moves up and down around 10 degrees.


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