3-Tone Music Input Program

Bally Astrocade type-in published 43 years ago by Fabris, Robert

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3-Tone Music Input Program © 1980 Fabris, Robert.

This program is a milestone for creating music with true, more accurate expression on the Bally Arcade console using Bally BASIC then was ever possible before this program was printed.

The BASIC program is accompanied by an in-depth tutorial by George Moses called Music Input Program Plays 3-Tone Music in Basic. This utility program, 3-Tone Music Input Program, is only the first of several such programs that allowed BASIC users to input 3-voice music on their Bally Arcade consoles. Later, modified and upgraded versions of this program were written for use with AstroBASIC, but this program will only run in Bally BASIC.


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Published in ARCADIAN 2, no. 7 (May 19, 1980): 62-63.