3-D Tic-Tac-Toe [Model CX 2618]

The Atari 2600 Cart. by Atari, Inc.

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[CONSOLE] Atari 2600 Cart.

3-D Tic-Tac-Toe © 1980 Atari, Incorporated.

In this game there is a perspective drawing of four square boards or planes displayed on the screen, which is Intended to create a 3-D effect. Each board is a 4 x 4 grid. The object of the game Is to place four X's or four O's in one horizontal, vertical, or diagonal row. To do this you may use one plane or all four planes.

You must place four markers in a row before your opponent does, or before the computer does, to win. There are nine games in all. The first eight games for one player competing against the computer. Each game number (1-8) is a progressively harder skill level. Game 9 is for two players.


Model CX2618



To beat the computer or another player, you must place two three-in-a-rows so that the opponent cannot block both of them. Occasionally, you may win when an opponent fails to see that you have three-in-a-row, but that method involves more luck than strategy.

At higher skill levels, placing three-in-a-row becomes difficult. One of the secrets to playing winning TIC-TAC-TOE is to play in the 16 strong squares at the beginning of a game. The 16 strong squares are the eight outside corner squares, and the eight inside center square.




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