3-D Tetris [Model VUE-VPBE-USA]

A 22-year-old Nintendo Virtual Boy Game by Nintendo of America, Inc.

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3-D Tetris © 1996 Nintendo of America.

The mesmerizing force of Tetris returns with virtual style! This thrilling animated puzzler takes dexterity and split-second timing to the extreme with dimensional blocks and challenging planes.

3-D Tetris propels players at a demanding pace where quick response and strategy rule. Tetris devotees of all levels will crave this latest sensation of brain-teasing fun!


Cartridge ID: VUE-VPBE-USA
Package ID: VUE P VPBE


Released on March 22, 1996 in USA only. A Japanese version was in the works but cancelled due to the poor reception and sales of the Virtual Boy as a whole. A a number of Japanese-language menu unused graphics are in the US ROM.


Executive Producer: Hiroshi Yamauchi
Producer: Gunpei Yokoi
Director: Takeshi Kono
Chief Programmer: Hideo Sugiyama
Main Program: Mitsuto Nagashima
Graphic Design: Yoshimori Aisaka, Osamu Koyanagi, Yoshikazu Hiraki
Sound Creator: Ken Kojima
Sound Effects: Tadashi Nakatsuji
Game Coordinators: Masao Yamamoto, Takahiro Harada, Hitoshi Yamagami
Manual Editor: Masafumi Sakashita, Yasuo Inoue, Norikatsu Furuta
Product Debug & Testing Unit: Super Mario Club
Special Thanks: Takehiro Izushi, Akihiko Matsunami, Natsuo Imai, Nobuko Rissen

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