3-D Genesis

Unreleased Atari 2600 cart. published 40 years ago by Amiga Corp.

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3-D Genesis screenshot

3-D Genesis © 1983 Amiga Corp.

Unreleased Tempest clone with some differences.

You control a scorpion who must move around the outside of a three dimensional cube shooting all the incoming spiders (once again, not an insect!). If a spider reaches the edge of the cube it has a chance of knocking out a piece of it creating a hole, otherwise it will go back down to the center again. If you accidentally touch a hole that a spider created or the spider itself you will lose a life. After shooting specific number of spiders you will go to the next more difficult wave (eight in all).


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The game appears to be complete. Originally planned as a cassette title for Amiga's never released Power Module peripheral, and later as one of three 3-D games on the first Power Play Arcade cart.


Programmed by: Dan McElroy
3-D: Jerry Lawson


Game's ROMs.