280 Zzzap + Dodgem [Model 2001]

Bally Astrocade cart. published 45 years ago by Bally Mfg. Co.

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280 Zzzap + Dodgem [Model 2001] screenshot

280 Zzzap + Dodgem © 1978 Bally Mfg. Co.

Based on the 1976 Midway Datsun 280 Zzzap coin-op.

Two different high-speed car races demand quick response and raw courage. Enter your racing time into the computer floor the accelerator-- and go for speed and distance. 280 Zzzap challenges you to hold a road filled with dangerous hairpin turns! Dodgem puts you up against other cars driven by the computer. The sharper your driving skills, the more mileage you'll get!

280 Zzzap
Feeling the pressure of speed and time, you're off-- along the course of a cross country road race. Negotiate the curves as carefully and quickly as possible to score the most points.

Test your skill as a race car driver. Although this game is similar to 280 Zzzap, you have an additional hazard of crashing into the other cars in the race!


GAME ID: 2001


Part of the Action/Skill Series.


Written by: Jay Fenton


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