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24 © 2009 Stern Pinball, Incorporated.

Jack Bauer is back, but this time in Stern Pinball's 24 pinball machine. Stern Pinball takes FOX's hit television show and turns it into one fast-paced pinball machine that will excite both operators and homeowners.

The 24 pinball machine incorporates both action and storyline elements from the 24 television show.

The 24 pinball machine playfield features:
1. a Suitcase that holds and releases pinballs for multi-ball play;
2. a Sniper House that opens to reveal a bullet-spraying terrorist;
3. an exploding Safe House that one can shoot the pinball into;
4. several single Sniper Drop Targets that can both obscure and free up playfield shots;
5. and lots of multi-ball action

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H: 75 1/2 inches.
W: 27 inches.
D: 55 inches.
Weight: 250lbs.


24 (1.0) was Released in February 2009. This pinball table is based on the Fox television show of the same name starring Kiefer Sutherland.

The 24 pinball contains original speech by Mary Lynn Rajskub, who plays Chloe on the television show. The pinball also offers speech from the television show, as spoken by Jack (Kiefer Sutherland) and Chloe.


* 1.50 (May 5, 2010)
- The left ramp and the sniper post were holding onto the ball for too long (in some cases). This has been corrected.
- Ball search was allowed to run when the ball was being held on the left ramp for choreography. This has been corrected.
- Fixed operating system bug that would cause the music volume to spike up to a high level and remain there until the game was power cycled.

* 1.44 (September 2, 2009)
- Fixed a problem with persistent style auditing that could cause the game to stop running in 50HZ countries.
- Roughed in a rule for 'Escape'.
- Added lamp effects and display effects.
- Roughed in 'Save the President' and 'Master Agent' modes.
- Fixed a problem with the game over "music". If a high score was earned and the match effect did not run at game-over (via tournament, or by the match feature being 'off'), then the high score to date music would run until a new game was started, or until the game was power-cycled. This has been corrected.
- Fixed a problem with the NUKE jackpot. The score was being initialized at power-up and then only increased. This would eventually result in massive NUKE jackpot scores if the game was never powered off. This has been corrected.
- Added a game name message for the Beta-Brite sign.
- Extra ball and Special were not scoring points when the corresponding awards could not be given out. This has been corrected.
- Roughed in skill shot.
- Multiballs were not being restarted when add-a-ball was awarded during various multiball grace periods. This has been corrected.
- Fixed credit display when inserting a coin (the screen would pause for two seconds and show blank scores).
- Added 'ABORT ANIMATIONS' adjustment, and implementation thereof.
- Added shaker motor code.
- Some background lamp effects that used the flashlamps were not being killed at the start of bonus. This has been corrected.

* 1.40 (March 9, 2009)
- Terrorist speech is now louder
- The wizard mode requirement for 'safe house jackpot' was being awarded in the wrong place, this has been corrected.
- Added more lamp effects, display effects, and sounds.

* 1.30 (March 4, 2009)
- suitcase stepper now goes to correct position at power up and during test mode.
- sentox nerve gas award scene is now longer with additional art images
- cell phone now gives mystery style awards
- corrected the audit for terrorist multiball super jackpot lit.
- added art image to sniper multiball total screen
- added more display/lamps/sounds for sniper multiball, terrorist multiball, and suitcase multiball total effects.
- added more art and sound for safe house multiball start, super jackpot.
- added/fixed damn it speech
- added more Jack speech
- different art for pops grow
- Added artwork for sniper target hit. Added music and speech volume adjustments for France. Sniper coil shuts down when entering test mode. More lamp, speech, display f/x for sniper and terrorist.

* 1.20 (February 27, 2009)
- Added French & Italian text
- Disarm nuke now has more graphics/speech
- Some Chloe speech is now shorter

* 1.10 (February 24, 2009)
- added an adjustment for disabling the suitcase. Drop target test now always fires the drop targets, whether they are up or down. Added art and sounds for the start of terrorist hurry-up. 1 terrorist is now being awarded for hitting a safe house standup target.


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