2 Spicy

Arcade Video game published 16 years ago by SEGA Corp.

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とぅーすぱいしー © 2007 Sega Enterprises, Limited.
(2 Spicy)

Sega brings back the classic gun fight in this light gun shooting game. Normally sold as 2 cabinets for head to head play but can be played solo in story mode. The innovation on this game is freedom of movement. In most gun games, players are locked into a set path, meaning the game moves the player from location to location, without the player have much choice in the matter.
2 Spicy introduces a double foot pedal system. Which gives the player options and freedom. One pedal moves the player left the other one right. Also being a shoot-out game there is plenty of places to hide for cover. Thus making the game a mano-a-mano fight to the death where the player must outthink, outshoot and outmaneuver his opponent.

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Runs on the Sega "Lindbergh Red" Hardware.

Players: up to 2 Simultaneously.
Control: Lightguns (1 per player)


2 Spicy was released on April 18, 2007.


* Play as Cindy or Shadow : After insert coin(s) for 1 credit, point the gun sensor to the screen and then input: left pedal, right pedal, trigger, left pedal, trigger, right pedal, right pedal, left pedal, trigger, trigger and push start at last, Cindy and Shadow will be unlocked in versus mode.


Composer : Makito Nomiya


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Official website; http://2spicy.sega.jp