1994 - Ten Years After

Sinclair ZX Spectrum cass. published 39 years ago by Visions Soft. Factory

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1994 - Ten Years After screenshot

1994 - Ten Years After © 1984 Visions Software Factory.

Help Smiffy regain his freedom by destroying the Central Computer that has kept him under surveillance for the past ten years. This can only be accomplished by switching off the computer’s power and thus corrupting its volatile memory.

There is, however, one slight problem. You will have to get through seven levels of security before reaching the Central Computer Room! To pass through the security levels (1 to 6 only), you must get the key on that level and take it to the keyhole. When travelling from level 7 to 8 (the Computer Room), you must get the teleport ring and then go to the teleport.

To move around the screen you can run along floors, jump onto lifts and moving platforms and bounce on the spring boards. Do not tread on the lift bases as they are electrified!

Each level must be completed before the time limit runs out. Each level is guarded by cameras that fire energy absorbing plasma bolts. Beware of Jelly Droids, they are a trifle annoying but can be jumped over. Also look out for buzz-saws and springs.

Contact with any of these reduces your strength by one unit. If your strength reaches 0 you will forfeit a life.


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Written by: Kevin Bezant


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